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Nocturnal Oxygen Therapy In Patients With Chronic Heart Failure And Sleep Apnea: A Systematic Review.

Bordier, P., Lataste, A., Hofmann. P, Robert, F., Bourenane, G.

Sleep Medicine 17 (2016) 149–157.

PMID: 26847991

       Chronic heart failure (CHF) is a public health problem which affects > 2% of the adult population, high morbidity, mortality, and financial cost. Sleep apnea is prevalent in > 50% of patients with CHF. The present review concerns the use of nocturnal oxygen therapy (NOT) in patients suffering from both CHF and sleep apnea. NOT is less effective than adaptive-servo-ventilation but is close to CPAP in its ability to decrease AHI in central events. NOT reduced nocturnal hypoxia, however there was no impact on cardiac contractility. There are few studies of NOT and in small populations. The recommendation to use NOT should be made with circumspection.

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