The International Collaboration of Sleep Apnea Cardiovascular Trialists (INCOSACT) is a collaboration of investigators conducting or interested in conducting randomized controlled clinical trials of intervention for Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB), which aim to adjudicate cardiovascular disease (CVD) event information. The collaboration is intended to promote the collection of evidence needed to inform the global community on the role of SDB interventions to reduce CVD morbidity and mortality and to promote international co-operation in this area of investigation.

  • Specific aims are to promote:
  • Sharing of relevant resources to promote high quality clinical trial data collection and future harmonization and sharing of data-e.g., questionnaires; procedure manuals etc.
  • Sharing of expertise in strategies to improve the design of clinical trials, such as approaches for enhancing treatment adherence, addressing equipoise, selecting appropriate control conditions
  • Planning for later meta-analyses
  • Publicising of clinical trials
  • Dissemination of information on methods and outcomes to the general scientific community